Best Use of Gems in Clash Royale Apk

Best Use of Gems

There are numerous approaches to utilize gems. Some of them were canvassed top to bottom in this article, yet we’ve had a series of updates from that point forward, so this merits returning to.

how to use gems clash royale

Facilitating Tournaments

For early players who haven’t facilitated a competition, I profoundly prescribe setting aside 500 gems to have a competition. You’ll get an accomplishment opened for it, which basically repays you the 500 gems and you get some EXP toward leveling up your King Tower to boot. Besides, competitions are a fun approach to battle your family with genuine stakes. Once you’ve facilitated one competition, I don’t really suggest putting gems towards future competitions. There are better approaches to spending those gems in case you’re hoping to progress in the game.

Playing Challenges

A large portion of your gems ought to be put towards changing over gems into gold. Challenges offer the best return in that division.

Buying Chests

I’ve spent what’s coming to me on chests utilizing gems. Right off the bat, a Giant, Magical, or Super Magical Chest in clash royale apk will be truly speaking to put something aside for, yet the result truly isn’t that incredible. At Arena 9, the cost for a Super Magical Chest is an amazing 4600 gems, which would cost about $40 in the US.

For my inconveniences, I’ll get around 4000 gold, huge amounts of cards including about 22 sagas, and a 25% shot at a legendary card. An Epic Chest, then again, is 10,000 gold and has 10 Epics inside at a fourth of the cost. Epic chests need to fly up in your shop as an extraordinary, yet all things being equal, that is a far superior arrangement in case you’re searching for more Epic cards and can be quiet.

Buying Legendary Chests

As I said, I’ve done this as well, and I believe it’s an awesome arrangement. It won’t be in case you’re searching for a particular Legendary, however, in the event that you’re needing to expand or buff your current Legendaries, this is an arrangement worth making. Legendary chests fly up in the shop every so often as exceptional offers for 500 gems, so you won’t have the capacity to get them on request.

A Legendary card in the shop is 40,000 gold, and on the off chance that you needed to pay genuine money for that, you’d need to fork over about $40 US. 500 gems, then again, is only a fourth of that value, making this a decent arrangement in case you’re willing to roll the dice on getting ANY legendary card.

This is presumably a decent arrangement for you if the greater part of your current Legendary cards are at Level 1 – most dire outcome imaginable, you’ll get serious about one of the Legendaries you’ve as of now got and you’ll have the capacity to level it up instantly on the off chance that you have the gold close by. There’s little hazard since you know precisely what you’re getting – one Legendary card.

Purchasing Gold

Purchasing gold is fine in the event that you require it critically and have the gems to spend, however by and by I prescribe that you organize Challenges to attempt and crush more gold out of your gems.

Unlocking Chests

To the extent I’m concerned, this is the most exceedingly terrible approach to spending your gems. You’ll go through your chest cycle all the more rapidly, however that is about all you’ll get. By spending gems on chests, you’re passing up a great opportunity for open doors for everything above, from cutting edge chests to extra gold.

The one special case would be in case you’re near opening one chest and won’t have the capacity to play Clash Royale for quite a while – for this situation, it’s advocated to put 1-4 gems into opening a chest now so you can begin a Gold or Giant chest while you’re far from the game. Once in a while, I’ll do this before I hit the feed around evening time.

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