Diwali – The Festival Of Light And Sound

Diwali is the festival of light and sound and is a great festival of the Hindus and the Indians. The festival is having a long history behind it and that history justifies the rejoice that is often seen in the Diwali evenings and nights. History says about the prince of Ayodhya, who was sentenced to live in the forest for fourteen years, and after those fourteen years, he came back with his wife and brother and that is the reason why the subjects of Ayodhya are rejoicing.

The prince, rama had been a very decent man and the subjects loved him very much ad when he has been put to the exile, they were very much unhappy and were depressed. The day when he came back made them feel proud once again and out of the joy to get their beloved prince back, they made a great merry and the merry is basically continuing still today.


The Decoration with light and flowers

The merry of the subjects are still found in the Indians today on the eve of every Diwali, where people decorates their rooms, houses and every single place with lights and fragrance of flowers. The lights symbolizes the enlightened mind and that prays the expansion of mind from consciousness and the light show with the garland and other flowers with deep fragrance makes the rooms fill with pious environment and the mind is also filled up with pious feelings on that eve. The lights and the fragrance are again illuminated with the great fireworks and with the sound of the crackers. If you would like to get more decoration ideas visit happydiwali blog!

Sound and fun

Diwali is not only the festival of light but also the festival of sound. There are various crackers that sound loudly and also softly and they are some great and extensive fireworks that fill the sky with awe and the viewers of those great events on the sky surface praises with astonishment.

The children, teens, youths and even the old aged persons get immense fun out of those lovely events and those great sounds. The great view of the sky makes the viewer’s mind filled with bewilder and those who sees that for the first time feels that they would have missed a great incident of life, if they would have missed the show.

There are some crackers that bursts one time and the unique loud sounds generates fear in the mind of the wicked and brings in laugh in the faces of the simple hearted persons. There are some crackers that burst two times consecutively and there are also some crackers that cracks in a series and that is really enjoyable for the kids and the young.

There are some fireworks that illuminate the entire sky seen above with rays of fire and there are also some fireworks that go round and moves in whirls as if it is showing the slide show of the creation of the universe. Altogether there are varieties of beauties seen on the sky and on the roof of the houses and also at the side of the road that are really amusing for a first time viewer of the incidence and is really a matter of joy for a regular viewer and also a matter of joy for the people and the kids who are igniting the fireworks.

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