SBI PO VS SSC CGL – A Comparison:

Have you completed your bachelor’s degree and confused about what to choose for your career? Don’t worry, as an emerging field, jobs in both banking and IT sector becomes the most necessary and most popular one among many youngsters.

SBI PO VS SSC CGL – A Comparison

Here is a great comparison from one of the top bank coaching center in Chennai between the India’s top two banking exams SBI PO and SSC CGL.

There are many career training institutes in Chennai and Bangalore that promises to give you the best training to quickly crack the exams.

Let us discuss the major comparison between these top two banking exams…

Job Profile:

Regarding job profile, the candidates who are selected for the post of SBI PO will have to work on daily transactions, handle public relations, and supervise clerical works.

While the candidates selected for the post of SSC CGL will have to work either on Desk jobs or Field jobs. In Desk jobs, the candidates are usually appointed as auditors, and for the field jobs, they are appointed as inspectors in which their work involves inspections, raids, and surveillance.


Next, when we discuss the salary, an SBI PO candidate will get a pay of 7.55 lakhs to 12.93 lakhs per annum approximately, and the salary will usually be revised every 5 years.

And that for an SSC CGL candidate, the salary will be based on the grade pay. The grade pay chart is shown below

Grade pay

  1. 1800 – 13113
  2. 1900 – 14389
  3. 2400 – 19920
  4. 2800 – 22454
  5. 4200 – 26095
  6. 4600 – 32328
  7. 4800 – 34033


The next factor is the transfer. The SSC CGL candidates will be get moved between 4 to 5 years, and they have very few postings. The transfer location will be Urban areas.

While SBI PO candidates will have relatively highly postings when compared to that of SSC CGL candidates and they get transferred between 2 to 3 years of time period. The transfer location will either be an urban one or a rural one depending upon the situation.

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Work Pressure:

When it comes to working pressure, the SSC CGL candidates will have to work under a low to mid level of pressure environment while the SBI PO candidates have to work under highly pressured work environment.

Career Advancement:

Then to talk about the career advancement, that is, on the other hand, the promotions, SSC CGL candidates will get promoted within 4 to 5 years from the date they joined.

And the SBI PO candidate will get promoted within 2 to 3 years.

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