Android Rooting – Where To Get Information?

There are sources on the internet that serve as the ultimate guides that can help even the non-techies with rooting their phones, possible outcomes on bricking, recovery, tweaks, enhancements, limitations, etc. Here we are going to have a look at some primary sources.

Android Rooting

The XDA Developers Forum

It is undoubtedly the number one Internet forum to look out for if you’ve any question on rooting your phone. It is a commonplace of all the brilliant minds of the techies, hackers, tweakers who view this forum as a common platform to share ideas. Different models of phones are discussed here, links are shared, guides are available and most importantly all the custom rooting tools are uploaded on to the XDA forum.

Information is well organized on to the different threads spread across the entire website, where each thread is dedicated to a particular phone model or a problem faced by many android users and its solution and comments. You can get information about tweaking android on your phone model, and possibly the anything and everything you could explore about such tweaking. You’ll also get different choices on ROMs, kernels etc. availability for your phone model. When you are in doubt, a simple question can help you with answers from android geniuses from around the world.

Android Root Guide is a website dedicated for providing Android rooting tutorials. They have given tutorials to root plenty of devices in their website. All there tutorials are newbie friendly and just by following them, anyone can root their device. Apart from rooting tutorials, they provide firmware upgrade tutorials, stock firmware installation tutorials, custom ROM installation tutorials, etc.

Cyanogen Project Wiki

CyanogenMod is one of the most widely recognized and hugely popular custom-made ROM available for your Android phone. The project has reached to such a level and maturity that it has a fantastic Wiki Page dedicated to the different aspects of this custom ROM.

Tons of information is available about how this custom ROM behaves on the different devices, the possible implications and the solutions for it. Even if you are not very keen to flash CyanogenMod into your Android device, the wiki page will still be a great source of information for Android Rooting, popular tools available etc. making it an absolute worth to check out once.


It used to be more popular for rooting and custom ROMs in the past, although the hits on their pages have kind of deprecated over the last few years. However, one cannot deny that their wiki pages are still and excellent source of information to the naïve user who is new to android platform. It is a developer’s delight as plenty of information is available on development tools and aspects in their forums.

The Phandroid Forums

Even though as not popular and much widely used as the XDA Developers forum, this website is still a good source of information on Android Rooting. Information about custom methods like rooting, flashing ROMs, installing recoveries, FAQs etc. are organized decently to serve as a quick source of information for their users. It could definitely be a good place to begin with. There is a sub-forum called as the “All Things Root” which is widely popular amongst the android enthusiasts who regularly visit this website.

Although these sources serve as guides to rooting, it is the user’s responsibility to make sure their software version, phone models etc. exactly match the ones described in forum.

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