Comparison on How Valentine’s Day is celebrated in India and United States

In United States: Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14. As a festival of romantic love many people exchange cards, flowers or gifts to their spouse or loved ones. Arrangement of romantic meal in a hotel is also a way of its celebration. Main symbols of this festival is hearts, red roses and Cupid.

Valentines Day Celebration

What do people do?

United States: Almost all people celebrate their love and romance by sending letter, going on date, exchanging gifts, having dinner on romantic location. People who usually wants to have a relationship with anybody uses this festival as their key of love. Some exchanges lavish jewellery, gift expensive products and do many such thing just to impress their partner. On this day many restaurants have special meal of the day to attract more customers.

India: Well known for its tradition and culture India contradicts in many things with western world. Many times this day get coincides with some Indian religious festival. But from past some years Indian peoples are also celebrating this festive in almost the say way as westerners do. Obviously there are lots of differences in celebration but the theme to enjoy this day remains the same.

Public Life

United States: Not being a holiday all government offices are officially opened on this lovely day. Public transit runs as per its regular schedule and people are seen in the evening with their partner. This day is very popular date for wedding’s.

India: It can be said that this day is neither public nor private holiday. All things goes the same way as it goes on the other days, the difference is on this people are more excited to meet with each other. They wish to enjoy this day as personal holiday with their loved ones. Public transportation is also on full swing and a heavy traffic is seen on the road.


United States: The most common symbol of this day is flower, heart greeting and cupids. As mythological thinking to striking arrow in the heart of people, cupid is used and an arrow to strike your loved ones. Red roses, lingerie’s, Chocolates and many other things are also the symbols of this day.

India: India as an adaptive country, has precisely adapted the same concept. Here also all the same things are used as a symbol of love to be shared between pairs.

Valentine’s Day is very much popular in the world and with the increasing technologies people are knowing about each other’s culture and festivals.

India with increasing population soon learned and started celebrating this festive as their own. In these recent year a good curiosity has been saw among the Indian to celebrate this festival in all respect of same manner as the other world do. Love birds can be easily seen everywhere on this day in India and the whole world as well. This festival actually gained popularity in 18th century and in 19th century it speed-ed to the whole world as a festival of their own.

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